365 Days of Bow Ties

Because Bow Ties are…well you know

Day 365 – End of the Bowtie365 World

Yes, it is day 365 and the blog is coming to an end. I will writing up a few more to close out this project, including what I am up to next. Thank you all for following me, making comment, and more important for wearing bow ties.

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One thought on “Day 365 – End of the Bowtie365 World

  1. Tom Kenyon on said:

    William, I just wanted to thank you for this whole project. I got hooked on wearing bow ties about a month ago. Trouble was when it came to looking to someone to show me how to rock a bow tie and look good doing it, the “role models” out there were all either 17 year old hipsters, or 70 year olds. In both cases, they seldom seemed to weigh over 110 lbs. Then I blundered into your blog one day. A man of around my age, and my build, making the bow tie look good. (Pretty girls in nearly every picture didn’t hurt either…..) I know this blog will be an insperation to many, for as long as it is up.
    Thanks, Again,

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