365 Days of Bow Ties

Because Bow Ties are…well you know

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Fame is Fleeting


Merry Halloween


Thanks to Angela and Sascha


Because they were always willing to be in a bowtie365 photos so that I did not bore all of you with just photos of me.

Award of Excellence


Thanks Linda for the Award of Excellence. You are the best.

Day 365 – End of the Bowtie365 World

Yes, it is day 365 and the blog is coming to an end. I will writing up a few more to close out this project, including what I am up to next. Thank you all for following me, making comment, and more important for wearing bow ties.

Day 364 – Thanks SMMOC and John Chow


Thanks to everyone who come out to support me.

I started this blog because of the inspiration and knowledge I gain from the Social Media Masters Mind of Orange County (special thanks to Bob Watson for creating and running this group). A single off-hand comment by me became an year long project where I learned so very much about blogging and a little about marketing.

Thanks to John Chow and his $1000 bet. Even when you lose a bet with John, everyone wins because of his Dot Com Lifestyle philosophy.

A very special thank you to Linda Abbit because she make me a certificate of excellence, which I will post on Monday.

Also, thanks to Buyyourties.com for providing many of my bow ties seen in this photo and throughout the year.

Day 363 – What will the completion of 365 bring


Day 362 – My Last Meetup Bow Tie Photo


Day 361 – OC Safe Apartments Team


With my OC Safe Apartments Project team.

Day 360 – Tuesday Bow Tie Lunch with Olivia


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