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Award of Excellence


Thanks Linda for the Award of Excellence. You are the best.

Day 350 – Another Social Media Day


A lovely lunch with Kathy from Klingaman Creative.


Also I met Yee Shun-Jian who is founder and Chief Happiness Officer of RichGrad.com

Day 319 – Content and Bow Ties


Having a great lunch with Oscar talking about the importance of content for websites. This was after he impressed one of our mangers with his skills and understanding of what to do with one of our websites.

Day 317 – Warrior Poets Mansome

Mansome wearing a Bow Tie

Thanks Jenni for suggesting this video. To watch the video, click on the image or use this linkĀ http://screen.yahoo.com/mansome-episode-36-wear-bowtie-130000693.html


Day 268 – Yes, Another Convert


New convert Juan Gallardo with a bow tie (thanks BuyYourTies.com) at the OC WordPress Meetup.

Day 267 – The Fading of Bow Tie Fame


Day 263 – Bow Tie with OC Register


The OC Register ran an article today with me and bow ties. Here is a link to the article: He knows how to tie one on. Also, thanks to BuyYourTies.com who helped make this article come true and yes, I am wearing one of their great bow ties.

Day 259 – WordPress Workshop


Kelly Flint provided a great social media workshop in the morning. Later that day, I also took a WordPress class.

Day 256 – MeetUp but not Bow Tie MeetUp


Day 251 – Happy Hour with SMMOC


Happy hour with the cool folks at Social Media Mastermind Orange County.

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