365 Days of Bow Ties

Because Bow Ties are…well you know

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Day 205 – Lunch with Work Folk


Lunch with my fellow OCFA workers.

Day 198 – Go Team Crafty


With my friend Whitney from Team Crafty at the Orange County Harry Potter MeetUp. Oh I have on a new bow ties on from Buy Your Ties. I love this diamond tie bow tie.

Day 191 – Synergy Team Power Tuesday


Here I am with @Mr_Synergy Chris Alexander from Synergy Executive Education who hosted a great workshop on how the power of cooperation will increase accomplish.

Day 184 – Mayday


Yes, it is Mayday and I thought that this would be a nice bow tie.

Day 142 – Slytherin Girls


Day 135 – New Laptop Camera

Bow Tie with New Camera

For this bow tie Tuesday, I am using my new laptop’s camera.

Day 128 – Another Bow Tie Tuesday


Day 121 – What Bow Tie Tuesday Should Be


However I was ill today, so this photo is from Sunday.

Day 114 – Back from Trip on Bow Tie Tuesday


All back from my trip but this was a great photo, so I though that I would go ahead and use it. Thanks Tony for taking another great photo

Day 107 – Valentine Day and New Bow Tie


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