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Day 359 – Lynn’s Birthday


Day 320 – Fire Service Memorial and Flame

Ruben and William at Memorial

Photo by Jakub Lichtenstein

At the OCFA Fire memorial with my friend Ruben after the 9/11 Remembrance. Photo taken by Jakub Lichtenstein.

Day 257 – Learning to Tie a Bow Tie


My friend Sascha is learning to tie a bow tie. I wonder if she will have any bow ties in her next book.

Day 252 – How to Untie a Bow Tie Part 2

Thank you Angela and Sascha for your help.

Day 245 – 30 Days of Bow Ties

Day 242 – Cat Bow Tie

My friend loves cats and wanted to make this video of bow tie on a cat. How could I say no…really I need help saying no.

Day 236 – 20 Years of Service


After the Years of Service ceremony, I was able to take a photo with the Orange County Fire Authority’s Fire Marshal Laura Blaul and the California State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover. Both are inspirational to me in creating safe apartment communities.

Day 233 – Happy Bow Tie Hour


Oscar from OscarsTech invited me out with a few friends including Anton and Debbie (Social Hospitality). It was great being around smart people who understand tech, media, and web as well as social media.

Day 230 – Laughing Ninja vs. Bow Tie

This was part of a video series Sascha and I were working on before John Chow won our bet. Seeing that I do not want our work to go unseen, I edited for everyone in bowtie365 land.

Day 226 – Straw Blog Launch

William and Angela with Wheat

I know this is an older photo but it was the best one I had with bow tie and wheat and I wanted to honor the launch of a new project that I am helping with. Please visit www.strawblog.org or our Straw Blog Facebook Page.

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