365 Days of Bow Ties

Because Bow Ties are…well you know

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Day 264 – Bow Tie 365 is Front Page News


Day 261 – How to Untie a Bow Tie Part 3

My friend Angela had a birthday party were the best game was Take William’s Bow Ties.

Day 252 – How to Untie a Bow Tie Part 2

Thank you Angela and Sascha for your help.

Day 223 – How to UnTie a Bow Tie

Day 219 – Tardis Bow Tie

Source: etsy.com via William on Pinterest

Day 208 – Geek Pride Day

I Find Your Lack of Bow Tie Disturbing

Day 206 – Bow Tie Art


A lovely art work by Cynthia. Thanks for thinking of me.

Day 189 – The John Chow Chronicles

John Chow has upped the odds of his getting a photo of me without a bow tie.

New Bow Tie from my Father

Day 188 – John Chow vs Bow Tie


Day 180 – Orchid Show


Here I am with my very talented friend Ruben from Sunset Valley Orchids as the South Coast Plaza Orchid Show.

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