365 Days of Bow Ties

Because Bow Ties are…well you know

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Day 246 – Meeting with my Friend Jeffery


I had a meeting for the Conference on Current Pagan Studies with my friend Jeffery

Day 243 – MeetUp with Linda


Day 240 – Vote for Bow Tie…Condom


There is still time to vote for your favorite condom package design at One Condoms. My suggestion is the bow tie one

Day 238 – Bow Tie Lunch and Social Media


Lunch with a few friends from Social Media Mastermind Orange County with Oscar, Will, and Josh. Thanks Angela for taking the photo.

Day 233 – Happy Bow Tie Hour


Oscar from OscarsTech invited me out with a few friends including Anton and Debbie (Social Hospitality). It was great being around smart people who understand tech, media, and web as well as social media.

Day 226 – Straw Blog Launch

William and Angela with Wheat

I know this is an older photo but it was the best one I had with bow tie and wheat and I wanted to honor the launch of a new project that I am helping with. Please visit www.strawblog.org or our Straw Blog Facebook Page.

Day 221 – The Internet is for Bow Ties


Day 219 – Tardis Bow Tie

Source: etsy.com via William on Pinterest

Day 209 – OCSMS Photo


From last week’s Orange County Social Media Summit with my lovely diamond tip bow tie from Buy Your Ties who I cannot thank enough for providing me with such great bow ties.

Day 201 – OC Social Media Summit


Attended the OC Social Media Summit today and saw my friend Debbie who was one of the speakers. You can find her informative blog at Social Hospitality.Today I have a new diamond tip bow tie from Buy Your Ties

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