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Day 182 – Visitors from Ireland

My friend Niall’s parents visited with us as part of their US trip.


Day 181 – Cherry Hill Seminary Fundraiser


My friend Natalie aranged this fundrasing party for Cherry Hill Seminary as part of the Hypatia Day.


Day 176 – Happy Birthday Bill

Beau Ties

Happy 81st Birthday Bill of Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont

Day 172 – Bow Tie Nebula

The material was created for NASA by Space Telescope Science Institute and for ESA by the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre under Contract NAS5-26555. Copyright statement at hubblesite.org or copyright statement at spacetelescope.org.

We are all made of star dust, which seem this includes bow ties.

Day 171 – How about Bender


Yes, it is Bender from Futurama with bow tie.

Day 168 – In Memory of Those Who Played On


Member of the band that played on while RMS Titanic was sinking on 15 April 1912, one hundred years ago. I do not know if they were wearing formal bow ties but I do like the image of facing tragic with what I hope for them dignity.

Day 167 – SMMOC and John Chow Lunch


Lunch after the Social Media MasterMind Meetup with John Chow.

Day 161 – Easter Surprise

William with LynnLynn and Niall were very kind to invite me to their place for Easter Sunday and yet I repay Lynn with this surprise photo. Perhaps I can make it up with a nice velvet painting of Capt. Kirk.

Day 160 – Social Media and Bow Tie Lunch

Lunch with Sasha
Lunch with Sasha at the after SMMOC meetup luncheon with John Chow (seen in the background). SMMOC provides a place to talk about social media and ask questions. The lunch gives up some time to get together for more talking and connections.

Day 159 – Packing and Bow Tie

Bow Tie Budget Travel tweeted out a post by OneBag.com (The Art and Science of Travelling Light) who had advice on a packing list, which included travling with a bow tie to dress up your outfit.

Thanks to my bow ties, I have made several trips (including one for 10 days) with just one bag.

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