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Day 197 – Bow Ties are Good for Fundraising

A short video from a fundraising party.

Day 196 – John Chow Wins

Yes indeed John Chow wins but was there any real doubt that he would. However, I continue to write on bow ties including the one I am wearing in the video from Buy Your Ties.  A lovely silk bow tie worn by me for the first time on this video.

Day 195 – Help is on the way

The nice folk at Buy Your Ties have ensured that I will not got without a bow tie despite John Chow’s $1,000 offer (see Day 189). I have been buying my bow ties from them for years and thought that I would pick a few more us. They were very helpful. Yes, they did give me some bow ties which was a very kind offer and just shows you that the people at Buy Your Ties care about what is happening with their customers.

Oh, by the way, this is my first reversible bow tie and of course Buy Yours Ties have them in both self-tied like me or pre-tied for those you who simple want to look good now.

Day 194 – Bow Tie Sculpture


Day 189 – The John Chow Chronicles

John Chow has upped the odds of his getting a photo of me without a bow tie.

New Bow Tie from my Father

Day 188 – John Chow vs Bow Tie


Day 186 – Family Birthday


My Aunt and Father for their birthday.

Day 185 – New Bow Ties as JCP

Yes, J C Penny now has bow ties.


Day 184 – Mayday


Yes, it is Mayday and I thought that this would be a nice bow tie.

Day 183 – New Bow Tie


My Father got be a bow tie for my birthday.

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