365 Days of Bow Ties

Because Bow Ties are…well you know

Day 50 – A Question of Why

Robert Stewart Bow TieI am still trying to think of a simple answer to the question of why I wear bow ties. The simple answer is that I am human with all the follies and foibles that come with that. So I wear bow ties to express being human in my own way.

I enjoy being a little formal. Perhaps that makes me antiquated, perhaps hip in some post-modern way. But mostly, it makes me human to express myself. Bow ties permit me to wear colors that I would not otherwise do. They are off-beat but not too strange. Mostly people tell me that they like them, so that speaks to my vanity.

Maybe there is no simple answer, where the bow ties are a sign that signify a multilayer belief in both the past and future.


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