365 Days of Bow Ties

Because Bow Ties are…well you know

Day 70 – The Best Bow Tie Ever

Thanks to Angela, I have a bow tie with my family colors (The Burnett Ancient Tartan). I am a little suspect of the idea of an ancient tartan and the modern tartan is shown on the Burnett of Leys website; however, it has been with me many years so it is part of my history.

It was originally a Burnett Tartan Tie; however, Angela had Laura (xoelle.com) take my old moth-eaten tie and create this beautiful bow tie.  She did a lot of great work to make this out of a badly damaged tie, so thank you Laura and to Angela for such a kind gift.

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2 thoughts on “Day 70 – The Best Bow Tie Ever

  1. yay! It makes my day to see one of my bow ties being loved! And it is an honor to create them from something so meaningful. Bow ties ARE cool!


  2. Thank you Laura for creating this bow tie.

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