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Day 199 – Bow Tie Geek

The Sacred Order of Geeks
Source: BCO

So what kind of geek are you? If none, perhaps you will suggest what kind of Geek you think I am.

Day 195 – Help is on the way

The nice folk at Buy Your Ties have ensured that I will not got without a bow tie despite John Chow’s $1,000 offer (see Day 189). I have been buying my bow ties from them for years and thought that I would pick a few more us. They were very helpful. Yes, they did give me some bow ties which was a very kind offer and just shows you that the people at Buy Your Ties care about what is happening with their customers.

Oh, by the way, this is my first reversible bow tie and of course Buy Yours Ties have them in both self-tied like me or pre-tied for those you who simple want to look good now.

Day 181 – Cherry Hill Seminary Fundraiser


My friend Natalie aranged this fundrasing party for Cherry Hill Seminary as part of the Hypatia Day.


Day 178 – New Project…But I am not Telling Yet


I am working on a new project for release in May.

Day 174 – Social Media Saturday


So after the SMMOC MeetUp many of us head over to have lunch with John Chow’s Dot Com Pho OC. Here I am with Angela (@strawwitch), Garrett, Sacha (@SaschZamani).

Of course, John is still buying his time to get a photo of me with no bow tie before this 364 project is done.

Day 160 – Social Media and Bow Tie Lunch

Lunch with Sasha
Lunch with Sasha at the after SMMOC meetup luncheon with John Chow (seen in the background). SMMOC provides a place to talk about social media and ask questions. The lunch gives up some time to get together for more talking and connections.

Day 6 – Social Media Mastermind Orange County

So today I made the Social Media Mastermind Orange County (SMMOC) whiteboard…well that is my blog site did. The SMMOC group is filled with smart people passionate about social media. SMMOC members are willing to share what they know, think, find, and question about social media. It a open discussion for everyone to exchange and engage with each other. 365 Days of Bow Ties is possible because of what I learned and shared with these smart people. So thanks SMMOC and its organizer Bob.


Bowtie365.com made the wall

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