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Because Bow Ties are…well you know

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Day 227 – Paris Bow Tie Drawing


Using my new PencilPicture app for an older photo from Paris.

Day 66 – Winner Twins’ Book in Paris



If you get a chance, pick up on of the Winner Twins’s books which you can find at http://www.StrandTheBook.com/

Until then it is bow ties, a great novel, and of course Paris.

Day 53 – Bow Tie and Lights


Day 48 – Still Cannot leave Paris Behind

William in Paris

Day 32 – Bow Tie by the River Seine


Day 31 – Montage of Paris Bow Ties


Day 25 – Bow Ties in Paris


My first attempt at findings bow ties worked well. These bow ties were are Alain Figaret on rue de la Paix. I did buy one which I am sure you will see soon.

Day 24 – Dinner in Paris..oh yes and Bow Ties


In Paris for the week. My plan is to see about bow ties here…perhaps even pick up another one.

Day 18 – Bow Ties for Trip

I am traveling over the next ten days and needed to pick out some bow ties to take with me. Perhaps, I will find some more in Paris.


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